What makes the biggest impact on me and on the project is learning about the artists who’ve participated in these choirs, combining their individual tone, timbre and stylistic tendencies into a greater sonic soup. ALL of the Dronechoir Alumnae listed below are talented, dedicated musicians/performers/poets and artists of their own, please take some time to explore their repertoire!

Dronechoir SYLLABA-Asheville, 17, Revolve Gallery Asheville, NC, June 6th, 2018. This performance featured Choreographer Coco Nuco with dancers Claire Duncombe, Katie Richter, Jazmin Rogers and Lavender Blue, who all sang alongside Isabel Castellvi, Madelyn Ilana, Sol, CaroMia TillerDominique Warfield, Arone Dyer, Stephanie MorganKatie Richter, Charity Cimarron, Liz LangIsabelle Celeste, Grace Engel, Julia Christgau. None of these performers were familiar with the piece prior to the performance (aside from me, but can that just be a given from now on?)


Dronechoir DIMINU, 4, the HUM Series at House of Yes in Brooklyn, NY, May 9th, 2018. Featuring Thimali Kodikara, Lola JohnsonJen Goma, and myself wearing textile artwork by Laleh Khorramian


Dronechoir SYLLABA, 17, Basilica's 24-Hour Dronefest in Hudson, NY, April 29th, 2018. Featuring Writer Shanekia McIntosh, vocalists Bahar Baharloo, Thimali Kodikara, Lola JohnsonAlicia WalterGinger DoldenScout GillettJo-Anne Hyun, Liz Ibarra, Sarah Register, Mana Taylor, Jennae Santos, Hannah Anderson, Gemma Godfrey, and Emily Schuit, Magdalena and Hallie of the PerfectTen girls' after-school program in Hudson. Our fee went to support their fantastic program!

(full dronefest lineup here:  http://bit.ly/24HOURDRONEartists)

[O*] by Michael Azerrad

[O*] by Michael Azerrad

Dronechoir MIRACLE, 16, a collaboration with Mahogany L. Browne, featuring poets Ramya Ramana and Imani Davis, live video artist Bleue Liverpool for Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Concert Hall, NYC, March 1st, 2018.

Bahar Baharloo, Thimali Kodikara, Lola Johnson, Lindsey-Paige McCloy, Phyllis Lee, Alicia WalterEmma Wiseman, Ginger DoldenRose BlansheiJen Goma, Nandi Plunkett, Starr Busby, Kate Steinberg, Shanelle Gabriel, Scout Gillett and Arone Dyer.

[O*] by David Andrako

[O*] by David Andrako

Dronechoir TRACE, 9, Hopscotch Music Fest, Raleigh, NC, Sept 8, 2017 Chelsea Weyler, Jenn WasnerBrenecia Reuben, Erica Schinasi, Madison Sparks, Kate Rhudy, Chessa Rich, Sarah Ward, Arone Dyer


Dronechoir TRACE/Cocoon, Quintet, Cunneen-Hackett, Poughkeepsie, NY, Sept 2, 2017 Ana-Miren San Millan, Bahar Baharloo, Jo-Anne Hyun, Liz Ibarra

Dronechoir TRACE, 10, Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, Oct 23, 2016 Emily RitzAsy SaavedraJen GomaThimali Kodikara, Sannety, Sara Lucas, Lola Johnson, Cassandra Jenkins, Kela Parker

Dronechoir TRACE, 24, in Berlin, Germany at the Michelberger supported Nameless, Endless Festival, Oct 1, 2016 Anna Mareike Holtz, Camilla Stavely-Taylor, Channy Leaneagh, Elena Pieper, Emily Stavely-Taylor, Gyda Valtysdottir, Henrike Rau, Jenn Wasner, Jessica Stavely-Taylor, Kate Stables, KristinAnna Valtysdottir, Lisa Hannigan, Marta (Curly), Miriam Laschinski, Nora Lessing, Pauline Dessner, Rose, Sabrina Nürnberger, Sarah Reuber, Shara Nova, Soema Montenegro, Tabea Storz, Ulrike Küchler

Dronechoir TRACE, 13, Le Poisson Rouge - NYC, Sept 2, 2016 Bahar BaharlooBoshra AlSaadiDenitia OdigieNkoula Badila, Emily RitzPhyllis LeeAsy SaavedraJen GomaThimali KodikaraStarr BusbyJustine Bowe, Lindsey-Paige McCloy

Dronechoir TRACE, Septet - outdoor path at EauxClairesFest, August 12-13, 2016 Justine Bowe, Claire De Lune, Rully Shabara, Jon Mueller, Liv Carrow, Sarah White

Dronechoir TRACE, Octet, CR10 - Hudson, NY, July 24, 2016 Bahar BaharlooLindsey-Paige McCloyStarr BusbyEmily RitzPhyllis LeeAsy SaavedraJen Goma

Dronechoir TRACE, Quartet, 24-hr Dronefest Basilica - Hudson, NY, April 26, 2016 Thimali Kodikara - Jen Goma - Bill Gillim