The following is a recap of the development of Dronechoir from 2015-2016:  

The first Dronechoir I created took place as a part of Basilica's 24hr Dronefest in April 2015, where I directed 20 blindfolded, mostly untrained vocalists through an hour-long, somewhat structured piece (this was hard to gauge due to being blindfolded, myself).


Above image by Andi State



DroneChoir Pt Deux was performed by Thimali Kodikara, Jen Goma, Bill Gillim and myself at Basilica's 24hr Dronefest April 23-24th, 2016 in Hudson, NY.

The audience was encouraged to blindfold themselves for a purely aural experience. Toward the end of the piece we invited blindfolded members of the audience to join us for the remaining chords.

katie light black&whiteorange&white 2 audience 3audience 1audience 2audience 4audience 5audience 6aroneThimali

Above Images by Viktor Klinger


Dronechoir Trace took place at CR10 just outside of Hudson, NY on Sunday, July 17th 2016 at 5pm. It was the third evolution of Dronechoir and was the first to involve movement directions which were fed to 8 vocalists through earbuds.

The Proceeds of this performance ($10 suggested donation at the door) went to Campaign Zero, an online data-based research and legislative tracking tool with the goal of eradicating police violence with a series of policy solutions. It is one of many opportunities for Us to make a Difference in systematic racial discrimination.

Dronechoir Trace was performed by: Phyllis Lee, Jen Goma, Lindsey-Paige McCloy, Asy Saavedra, Emily Ritz, Bahar Baharloo, Starr Busby and myself.