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Arone Dyer is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer & founding member of duos Buke and GaseMistresses, as well as the composer and director of Dronechoir where she examines social dis/comfort through long-durational choral performance, metamorphosing through a moving meditation of sometimes subtle sonic changes. In addition to her own projects she has made appearances on the National’s 2018 Grammy-winning release Sleep Well Beast, creating and singing the introduction to their #1 Billboard Hit “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness”, and collaborated with many other artists including Naama Tsabar’s Composition Series, Deerhoof's Greg Saunier, Mahogany L Brown, David Garland’s Verdancy, Sondra Sun-Odeon’s UNSILENCING, Adam Schatz’s The Holiday Party, Stargaze, Cantus Domus, among many others.

*awesome photo credit: Shannon Greer

March 10, 2019 at Berliner Festspiele directing Cantus Domas - image by http://www.runkewitz.com/